We’d Like You To Respond to a Brief Survey About How the Company Can Do Better (or, Finding God in Qualtrics)

I guess it’s just that people are people. And when we treat them that way, that’s where the good stuff happens. I was talking to someone recently and it struck me that it really isn’t all that complicated. Focus on people – consciousnesses – and this includes when we migrate from biological bodies to an … Continue reading We’d Like You To Respond to a Brief Survey About How the Company Can Do Better (or, Finding God in Qualtrics)

No Costumes In Improv!

Life tried to show me something when I was only half listening(Which happens a lot if I’m being honest.) There’s only room for one youAnd room for one me. I can’t be me if I’m someone else.And they can’t be them if I’m them already. If the world’s a stage we’re all actors,And it’s wrong … Continue reading No Costumes In Improv!

Against Brevity

“Brevity is the Soul of Wit” William Shakespeare My whole life, I’ve been told I need to be more pithy. I was always the kid who sent texts that were full, lengthy paragraphs, with careful spelling and grammar. My emails and messages were always long, expressive, emotional, and precise. I hated abbreviations and the constant … Continue reading Against Brevity

Book Review: “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays

Propaganda was a field that in so many ways was created and codified by Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud (whose letters and ideas largely shaped Bernays’ philosophy and career, based as they were in the understanding and manipulation of human psychology). Bernays thought that his new science of influencing the opinions, behavior, and … Continue reading Book Review: “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays


Sometimes people (and my own overactive conscience) tell me I should talk and write more about “politics,” particularly the sensational stuff covered in the national media. This makes me cringe. I tend to think that by quietly advocating for a simple morality, a lot gets said without being verbalized. Life gets simpler as I get … Continue reading Manifesto

Light Under The Door

You wake and realize that you’re stuck in a dark room. You cling tightly to a broken plate whose edges keep cutting your hands. Whatever is on the plate stinks and from the vague sense of wriggling, it probably has maggots. Across from you, from under the door, you can see a crack of warm, … Continue reading Light Under The Door


I hate conflict. During a business dispute where I felt let down and betrayed, I was struggling with emotions and worrying that I should be a more forceful, angry person. I was experiencing nausea, hives, even ulcers, and I just hated the whole experience. I sought expert counsel, took quiet and decisive steps, but as … Continue reading FIGHT or FLIGHT!

What is Truth?

I’ve been studying smart folks from many time periods for a few decades now, and one great, difficult, and helpful rule tends to emerge from savants in fields as diverse as philosophy and quantum physics. If you want to find the truth (in matters large or small), you are allowed to care about what is … Continue reading What is Truth?


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