We’d Like You To Respond to a Brief Survey About How the Company Can Do Better (or, Finding God in Qualtrics)

I guess it’s just that people are people. And when we treat them that way, that’s where the good stuff happens.

I was talking to someone recently and it struck me that it really isn’t all that complicated. Focus on people – consciousnesses – and this includes when we migrate from biological bodies to an AI form, to Asimov’s pure energy state, or even to some state of nirvana as unified sub-processes in the mind of the posthuman Brahmanic deity beyond the wildest imagining of Kurzweil and Plotinus. In some cosmic inversion of Master Chuang’s Butterfly Dream, perhaps God is the dream and the dreamer.

Capitalism and every business which it touches is guilty of the same fundamental error that drove Evolutionary Theory into a bottleneck in the heady days of Tennyson’s neuroticism of Nature Red in Tooth and Claw or Spencer’s sociopathic take on self interest (or Ayn Rand’s hyperdestructive Objectivism based on a sophomoric interpretation of these very ideas). The notion of competition, subtraction, and negative space that drives fear and all socioeconomic spaces built upon it, along with all toxic individual and collective relationships based upon domination and extortion, are based on a simple lie about the universe, said in a hundred ways over a thousand years by a million tongues. It’s a dog eat dog world. It’s him or me. Better you than me. Better me than you. Zero sum games. Artificial and manufactured scarcity. And on and on it goes.

Such systems cannot last. A house divided against itself must surely fall, as Jesus and Lincoln both warned us. Just as the revolutionary murdered Polish priest reminded us of systems built on bullets, any building whose foundation is laid on the vacuum of fear and illusion is at best a vapor. What lasts is what is true, and only the truth lasts. Life, creativity, evolution, adaptation, the mad improbable dance of existence itself – these are all positive forces based in heat and energy and light.

So when I am asked how to improve the business, or the industry, I always come back to the simple fact that people matter. Individuals and communities. Collectivism, mutual benefit. The stores sending each other customers in Miracle on 34th Street. Communities banding to help each other through war, famine, and plague. Kindness. Faith, hope, and love. This is the warp and woof of our species’ past, woven into the scarlet strand along which alone can we climb to our destiny far beyond biology, basic survival instincts, competition and murder, limited resources and warring individuals.

The universe is a pseudo-Bohmian fractal system, something Giordano Bruno glimpsed so briefly and vividly before taken by the flames of the dying system whose power was based in the foundational lies that were threatened by his boldness and imagination. In our own broken, sick world, the old orders die, making way for an as yet indecipherable future. Will it be filled with light or darkness? Or will its children pirouette in the space between light and dark forming in that eternal chiaroscuro a dance to the music of time? In the part we see the whole, and everywhere we see the lies of darkness and scarcity battling the warmth and light of abundance and hope. Competition and collaboration are at war when Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us that artificially warring systems like Capitalism and Marxism are merely two sides of the same coin. Janus cannot exist with only one of his faces, and it is the crushing weight of opposing forces that allows the keystone to hold up the archway across which we pass to the higher mysteries, to lives of high adventure and cosmic meaning that Lewis and Koontz and so many others have gestured toward as it shimmers just beyond the veil.

What is, is. This is the Tao. Way and Being, Being and Time – it all boils down to the simplest and most complex reality that can tickle the tip of the tongue and gambol at the edge of our senses. People matter. Creation over destruction. Collaboration over competition. Like Ann Druyan said, changing Carl Sagan’s life forever – People Over Concepts. People over profits – no – people *are* profit.

So, yeah. People (consciousnesses, minds, root kernels, souls) are people. And when we treat them that way, that’s where the good stuff happens.


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