No Costumes In Improv!

Life tried to show me something when I was only half listening
(Which happens a lot if I’m being honest.)

There’s only room for one you
And room for one me.

I can’t be me if I’m someone else.
And they can’t be them if I’m them already.

If the world’s a stage we’re all actors,
And it’s wrong to steal each other’s roles.

When I’m being you, living your life
You can’t.

When you’re being me, living my life,
I can’t.

Maybe freedom lies in dropping the mask of you
And picking up the mask of me.

In wearing it, like (Oscar said)
Until my face changes shape to fit it.

Or maybe we can drop the masks and
Leap off the stage,

Realize Life’s not a play after all.
No costumes in improv!

Image © Shutterstock (used under license).

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