How I Got a Kick-Ass Resume

One of the toughest parts of the modern dystopia is the work world. Trying to convince some corporation to give you a job you hate so you don’t starve while making your art – well, it ain’t easy! Thankfully, I have found an astonishingly good way to get help when I’m on the job hunt through a wonderful website called Fiverr. I want to give an unpaid, shameless plug for a specific resume contractor that changed my life.

Fiverr is a pretty incredible evolution in the Gig Economy where you can connect to freelancers that will help you with just about any project you can think of, from voiceover help to editing services. I have used the site several times over the years on various projects, and I really do like the community reviews that help you find high-rated, excellent professionals in various fields who have a proven track record of fast, quality work. The stinkers rapidly disappear under a wave of negative reviews, while the all-stars rise on the waves of excellent work.

Anyway, since I haven’t quite yet managed to turn my debut novel Dreamshadow into a Hollywood hit screenplay, I have to work 9-5 to keep the lights on (and keep that bourbon in stock, which is so vital to many an aspiring novelist!) The freelancer harvardcv helped me make sense of my bizarre job history and a dreadful corporate gig, making a beautiful resume that helped me move states and get into a much better job in a sector I actually care about. They are incredibly fast, polite, and efficient; and they do excellent work. The best review I can give this service is — IT WORKS.

I actually got a really good job by using their shockingly affordable service, and I’m genuinely astonished and grateful that they charge WAYYYY less than other services that do far inferior work. Offering a full suite of services (from resume to linked-in and customized interview prep), the basic resume service starts at $75.00 USD (an absolute STEAL if you know the resume industry, which usually charges hundreds for crappy work). Given that you could negotiate your way into much better wages, this is an incredible deal.

What I love is that harvardcv regularly gets rave feedback and has been doing this since 2014. I am hard to please, and there is little I take more seriously in life than my professional assets (I’ve been broke and lived in my car before, trust me, I know life can get rough!) But this incredible contractor has always delivered the goods, and I have sung their name from the rooftops for years now. Good karma to ’em! Please do check them out if you’re job hunting.

Image: Shutterstock (Used Under License)

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