How I Got A Professional Book Review

It’s difficult out there for Indie authors, and that is especially true in “Pro Book Review Land.” Scammers and shady actors abound, including some big names that once carried weight. What a circus!

Thus I’m extremely grateful to IndieReader for providing a thorough, honest review (pro’s and con’s) of my debut speculative novel Dreamshadow. After so much time and wasted money with competitors, I was so pleased with IndieReader that I set out to share my experience here (this is not a paid promo of any sort, just thoughts from a happy customer!)

“Blending elements of sci-fi, fantasy, and an occasional foray into horror, DREAMSHADOW ultimately overcomes its flaws and, in the process, delivers a fun, sometimes frightening, read that engages from the very first page and never lets go.”

— James Weiskittel for IndieReader

IndieReader provides thorough feedback that is useful for readers and authors alike, helping readers see the pro’s and con’s of a title while giving authors actionable improvements for next edition (in my case, I’m planning to spend quality time with formatting guides and even more technical editing). There is neither sadism nor sugarcoating, and the price is fair for the fledgling independent writer.

Add in that I experienced a short wait of only 6-8 weeks, this is a no-brainer for the indie author trying to build promotional material while honing their skills. One company ended up taking apparent pleasure in branding itself as “the mean guy on the block” while writing reviews based on reading only the first chapter or so of a novel (!), but IndieReader provided me with exactly what they advertised, with honest points of improvement that I can work on in future editions.

And for any lovers of SciFi, Fantasy, and Horror, I continue to recommend my debut speculative fiction story Dreamshadow, available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats! Darkly inspirational and action-packed, it has something for every mature reader!

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