Hangover Zen to Kill the Dementors

“God does not play dice.”

Physics, cosmology, and spirituality increasingly overlap as our understanding grows, and perhaps the most universal law is the interconnectedness of all things. We live in a strangely fractal universe, in which the part is reflected in the whole and vice versa.

Ancient magicians and alchemists used to say “as above, so below,” whereas modern physicists like to reference quantum entanglement and forces that span the universe (such as the mysterious gravitational force that seems to bind all entities with mass). But for we lay people, the simple dictum of Douglas Adams’ wonderfully mad holistic detective Dirk Gently will suffice:

Everything is connected.

An important truth follows, and this is especially true and important for the outcast, for the misfit, for the “meek” who just can’t manage to “inherit the earth,” for the “freaks” and “losers” —

Whatever your creed or philosophy, it is a basic fact of physics that the entire universe, from start to finish, has given birth to you in this precise space and time. You are as essential to the living cosmos as the greatest supernova or the most crushing black hole; even and especially all the little traits and quirks that make you feel “weird” or “different.”

For reasons that may seem inscrutable to such a tiny and backwards species as humans, every particle in the universe has in some sense given rise specifically to you at this moment — and every particle in the universe is ineluctably bound to you through the laws of space and time for the duration of your visit to this strange substrate of consciousness. Your simple daily life and existence alter the balance of fate just as inextricably as the collisions of galaxies or the birth and death of star systems.

This is no fuel for arrogance; it’s strong medicine for depression, for hopelessness and nihilism, for days when we forget the fierce, terrifying beauty of the cosmic dance.

And on those anxiety-days, there’s a noble companion prescription. Just as our interconnectedness gives even the tiniest life nobility and purpose, the sheer vast scale of Being and Time helps us remember how very tiny we are, and that in no way are we expected to “fix” or “steer” the fate of all things. The Universe is sorting itself out; and no power on earth, however dark, will delay that process by even an instant.

As usual, it’s all been said before and best by Alan Watts, who said:

You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.” (via Goodreads; please check out the beautiful song “Gyre” based on this by Nothing More).

Image: Shutterstock (Used under license)

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