The Other Side of the Coin

Disclaimer: mental health is a major issue and needs far more attention from society. I personally deal with mental health challenges and advocate for destigmatizing these discussions.

However, the often-ignored side of it is this:

Depression and anxiety are a natural response to conditions of oppression, powerlessness, and indignity.

Where I live, medication flows like water. But civil rights and basic human rights are a vanishing species.

Medication can be very helpful; but medication is no substitute for liberation.

I worry that there is a reason the Machine chooses to market (overpriced) medication as a means to distract us from the transformation that we need and deserve, both on an individual and collective level.

When we decide to build a society in which we take care of each other, including mental health and human rights, then the world will begin to improve radically.

Image: Shutterstock (Used under license)

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