On Corinthian Grapes and the Power of Doing

I’m not religious now, but when I was a kid, I was forced to read the Bible. A lot.

Anyway, there was this interesting, sarcastic cultural reference about Corinth in the New Testament. Corinth was kind of like the hip, NYC of its day, which people quipped was just a place where people just sat around all day nibbling on grapes and gossiping, “hearing and telling whatever is new.” It was probably an unfair ancient stereotype about a city, but it has come to mind recently as I think about modern America.

Modern American culture is conditioning us to sit around and whine about the way the Doers are Doing things, rather than becoming Doers ourselves. It teaches us to say negative things on social media 24/7, rather than going outside and doing, and creating, and living, and experiencing, and building; though we do seem to have traded the grapes for vapes, that much is new.

We are programmed to talk ceaselessly about why we think a movie was garbage, instead of making our own movie (or book, or food dish, or song, or political career, or anything else). But as I try to focus more on creation rather than criticism, I feel so much happier and so much less miserable.

I’ll eat my grapes when I’m done!

Image: Shutterstock (Used Under License).

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