I Am More Than The List Of Things That I Hate

When I constantly define myself in opposition to something, I am actually defining my identity by the thing I am opposing. I am giving my power, identity, in a sense my SOUL to the thing I most detest in the world.

This means that if ‘victory’ occurs, and that thing disappears from the world, the entire sense of self I had built around being THE ANTI-THING disappears as well. I suspect it means that it is better to build our lives in a positive sense around the things we love rather than in a negative sense around the things we hate. Like that Star Wars quote, “fight for what you love, not against what you hate.”

This is nothing that hasn’t been said a million times before (and more eloquently) by others, but it is slowly starting to make a little more sense to me. And I have a feeling it applies to all kinds of problems we face, whether childhood issues, or faith, or politics. Victory comes from liberation, and the still small voice suggests that this is one of the important puzzle pieces of that liberation.

I am more than the list of things that I hate. Like Skulduggery Pleasant said when they asked who he was: “Why, I’m ME, of course!” However beautiful or ugly the world decides to be on a given day, and whether or not the species gets smarter and kinder, I’m still me, and neither circumstances nor adversity can ever truly take that away.

Image: Shutterstock (Used Under License)

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