Don’t Bomb A Housefire

We see a world devastated by hate and violence and then believe the lie that if we just add more hate and violence everything will be okay — that somehow we can restore balance by adding even more imbalance.

If we can just shoot, bomb, punch, and verbally abuse a FEW more people, we think balance will be restored. We do it on a grand social scale and we do it in our personal lives. And after 10,000 years of experimental data showing the stark results, we still continue the same patterns.

In our personal lives, we’ve been taught that we must call ourselves names, scream at ourselves, and hate ourselves if we want to become smarter, improve our finances, get fit, and more. It’s insanity. It’s like the old Buddhist teaching that you don’t grow a flower by screaming at it and abusing it. And yes, I can fall into the trap as often as anyone.

Individually and collectively, it’s like we see a house ablaze, and we want to save the people trapped inside. So we jump in a plane and start dropping bombs on the housefire! “Look at me! I’m heroically saving the people and fighting the fire!” Of course, we destroy the house and kill the people inside, but we feel like we’ve done something about the problem (and we feel that it’s so important for other people to see us doing big things about it).

It’s hard for all of us, but in personal growth and in social problems, we need to remember a simple rule:

Don’t Bomb A Housefire.

Image: Shutterstock (Used Under License)

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