As you get older you try to formulate simple rules, even “mantras” to help when things get tough or your brain isn’t cooperating very well.

I think one of my favorites to come from pandemic that I’m still mulling over, which has numerous implications for depression, anxiety, fear of failure, and much else, has already proven useful when deployed in a couple of contexts.

(It’s also deeply personal, and I don’t expect everyone to relate to it or to experience life in quite the same way as I do!)

“Life is an educational videogame.”

[Redolent of Philip Sidney’s “Defense of Poesy,” which argued that poetry and perhaps all creative endeavors have the burden and justification “to delight and to teach.” Though I’m sure Life and the Cosmos have much bigger things to worry about than measuring up to the expectations of an old British poet!]

Image: Shutterstock (Used Under License)

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