Extreme Nerd Bedtime Trivia #1013

An X-Ray movie trivia card informs me that Foum Tatouine was a filming location for this film, “X-Files,” aka “Fight the Future,” which was not an actual subtitle but designed only for posters. It says that Foum Tatouine was also used by George Lucas to film desert scenes on….. Wait for it… Tatooine.

I think I deduce an etymology.

Now, the first X-Files film was not earth shattering, but the big liftoff visual at the end (and above all the Star Wars trivia) were nice, and I’m glad to be making my way finally and thoroughly through the Gospel of Mulder in order of release. I think it would be fun to have dinner and drinks with Chris Carter and just listen to him talk.

Incidentally, I have personally noticed that George Lucas has hidden many Easter eggs from his wide reading list over the years. Two favorites offhand include, best I can guess:

1. Master Asoka from Emperor Ashoka — an ancient Napoleon of India who renounced war later in life, converted to Buddhism, and devoted himself to spreading his new faith through his empire, though with a lack of lasting success redolent of efforts by Ikhnaton in Egypt. A handful of the vast universe of Ashoka-era Buddhist holy sites remain despite enormous destruction, particularly during the Mughal Empire.

2. Kyber Crystals via the Khyber Pass, through which the Persian antecedents of what would become the Mughal Empire (see above) burst into the subcontinent from the North to bring favorite historical moments such as Nur Jahan’s shadow rule over her opium-addicted (and thoroughly besotted) husband Jahangir the Great (who rather touchingly chronicled his beloved’s hunting exploits in his Chronicles). The Mughal Empire also gave English-speakers our word “Mogul”.

(George Lucas seems to me to be deeply interested in Indian history and Buddhism.)

Anyway, goodnight!

Image: Shutterstock (Used Under License)

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