People First!

“People over concepts.”

Ann Druyan

I catch glimpses in dreams but I can never see the whole thing or put it into adequate words.

But I think the great struggle of our time is the struggle of our species for centuries. I think we need to see each other as people, as human beings, as vessels of consciousness carrying the divine spark — we need to see this first and above all else to make any progress in the social and spiritual problems that define our time.

I think that we got confused, and I’m not sure when. But we swallowed this lie of the Machine that we have to see each other as labels, as sex and gender and nation, as class and income and title, as ethnicity and language and height and weight and a million other things used to divide us.

The Machine loves it when we OTHERIZE each other. Because it knows that no matter how much we fight against each other, it gets richer and stronger by the minute. Make no mistake – the Machine has no ideology beyond absolute power and the fallacy of infinite growth.

If we’re going to create a better world, and carry the torch of consciousness a bit farther, and evolve into our true destiny and birthright as human beings, then we absolutely must begin to see each other as people first.

(And yes, this includes more of the “change movements” than makes me comfortable admitting, and it often includes people like me who think of ourselves as “nice, awakened, progressive” types.)

And then, eventually, we’ll start expanding that Circle of the Self farther outward, and start to appreciate the Unity of Life outside our species, and indeed to appreciate the beauty and Unity of Consciousness at large.

Maybe then we won’t be quite such big assholes.

But I cannot tell you how this burns inside me — we have to stop using the tools of the Machine to “fight” the Machine. We’re just making it stronger.

And I know that doesn’t make any sense. And I wish I could express it better. But it feels like the stakes have never been higher, and we just don’t have a freaking clue how goddamn close we are to everything we want and need and deserve, if we could just work together for five minutes for our mutual good.

Image: Shutterstock (Used Under License)

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