“The Goal is Here”

I think Alan Watts is lovely, and I was just reading one of my new favorite essays by him. I have nothing deep, profound, or original to say, I just want to share one of the bits that really meant a lot to me. You can find it, and a lot of other wonderful things, in the Alan Watts essay collection “Become What You Are.”

“If I may put it in a way which is horribly cumbersome and inadequate, that fleeting glimpse is the perception that, suddenly, some very ordinary moment of your ordinary everyday life, lived by your very ordinary self, just as it is and just as you are–that this immediate here-and-now is perfect and self-sufficient beyond any possibility of description. You know that there is nothing to desire or seek for–that no techniques, no spiritual apparatus of belief or discipline is necessary, no system of philosophy or religion. The goal is here. It is this present experience just as it is.”
–Alan Watts, “The Finger and the Moon”

Image: Shutterstock (Used Under License)

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