Dream Diary

Bit under the weather this week, sleeping and dreaming a lot, having conversations with I have no idea whom (or what) on troubling issues.

One realization is a spin on that idea that “it isn’t what you’re saying but how you’re saying it.” I feel an urge to grab progressive people (including me) by the shoulders and shake them and scream that til it gets through.

You will find that most people have that mote of humanity and divinity and truly do care about what is right and tend to evolve at least a little from cradle to grave. And a lot of these progressive ideas are good and needed.

But when we grab the idea like a spear and rush average people and start screaming at them and calling them names, they naturally and rightly shut down, get scared and angry. When we abuse a message of change and healing as a megaphone to make ourselves “look cool,” we are both corrupting the message and ensuring it will fail.

Do we want to look and feel righteous or do we want to actually help the world heal and evolve? Because the evolution of consciousness in society and an awakening cosmos is ultimately rooted in love, and so must the message be if it’s to penetrate and stick.

Most people are truly not your enemy unless you make them so. Most people, even those with terrible and untrue beliefs and feelings, can be reached and influenced by better feelings and beliefs when touched by kindness, wisdom, and so centrally ART and HUMOR.

To abbreviate, the stakes have never been higher, so we MUST subtract some egotism and arrogance. LEARN BASIC SOCIAL SKILLS, in a word.

To adapt Stephen Fry, we need to ask ourselves what WORKS rather than what feels good and strokes our ego.

(I don’t fully understand what it all means but it seemed very important to somebody/my unconscious brain to wake up and jot down some of the committee notes and share them between hibernations. And I very much see that I too have made huge mistakes in all these areas. Anyway, goodnight again!)

Image: Shutterstock, used under license.

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