Silent Days and Quiet Ways

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”


The arbitrary dollar value or fame assigned to a person or a pursuit in a ‘profoundly sick society’ often has nothing at all to do with their true worth.

Jesus and Emily Dickinson and Rosalind Franklin. The Roman Empire and the British Empire and the American Empire. Anonymous thinkers and helpers and healers and animal rescuers and poets and thinkers and life-living people doing a billion anonymous acts of kindness or simply existing in quiet peace and harmony.

A trillion human cells in the body of their community quietly creating energy, catching a cancer cell of need here and devouring a virus of hate there, storing up the ATP of wisdom or sending a nerve impulse of art and humor.

After all, not a single one of my cells has won an academy award or trended on Twitter for good or ill. But without even a few of those anonymous components, I wouldn’t be me; and without enough of them quietly doing what they do, I would fall ill or even die.

The world is a rough place. How much worse would it be without this silent legion of good souls simply living and moving and having their being? Don’t discount your impact in others’ lives, in the world, in the Universe, simply because you’ve been brainwashed by the propaganda and twisted values of a profoundly sick society or by the lies of the Machine.

Your silent days and your quiet ways matter far more than you will ever know.

Image © Serhii Yurkiv, used under license from Shutterstock

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