If you want to break it down simply, I guess I got tired.

Me and my friends spent years and stressed out and broke down our bodies and minds and souls trying to pursue THE THING/PERSON that would give us peace and self love.

A love interest. A divinity. A job. Intellectual knowledge. Fitness. An arbitrary level of income. Material objects like houses and cars. Drugs and sex. Even, much as I love them, creative projects that would “fulfill us.”

And I guess I just started to wonder, what if instead of putting in endless jukebox tokens for happiness, peace, self love, purpose, meaning — WHAT IF I CAN JUST ‘MAKE MY OWN.’

Now a lot of people just call me lazy or undriven. But my hair is falling out slower and it’s less gray, and I have less rashes, and I’m starting to recover my laugh. So I think I’m going to continue the experiment a little bit longer.

Sure is cheaper than divorce court.

Image Credit: Shutterstock (Used under license)

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