You will notice something interesting during your time on this planet.

Blame — like romantic love, sexual infatuation, and false perceptions — will be hurled at you by the humans throughout the whole thing.

But the same thing the Zen masters said of all gifts is true of each of these varieties (whether welcome or otherwise). Everyone has the right to offer a gift; but everyone has the right to accept or decline a gift when offered.

There is an eerie liberation when you reduce so much gossip, hate, like and dislike, reputation, perception, and more into a box of thoughtforms boxed up with a cheap Walmart bow. You didn’t ask for the boxes people keep throwing at you, and you needn’t even open the boxes (“WHAT’S IN THE BOOOOOOX?!”)

In fact, the less you care about the boxes at all (reserving your energy only for the ones thrown by people you deeply like and care about, and perhaps not even those ones), the more peaceful your life will become.

After all, there are already more than enough boxes in the world, most of them cardboard ones with Amazon logos. No need to add to the pile.

Image (c) Shutterstock, used under license.

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